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All gifts, large or small work together to keep Unity of Yakima thriving for years to come and to ensure we continue to be a place for these spiritual teachings. 

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Using the secure online donation system, you can give a one time gift or recurring gifts with a credit or debit card. You can change this at any time. 

In Person or Mail (cash or check) is also accepted. Towards the end of service each Sunday there will be an opportunity to give during Tithes & Love Offerings.  

Tithes & Love Offerings

What Is a Tithe? 
The word “tithe” means a tenth. To tithe is to return 10% of all we receive to a person, place or institution from which we have received spiritual nourishment - that which inspires us, teaches us, reminds us of the Truth and causes us to remember who we really are. 

Why Tithe? 
Tithing establishes order in our life and the life of our ministry. God first! Tithing is a sure way to prosper. Tithing enables us to bless others through the work of God. We tithe, not primarily because we are supposed to, but because we joyfully want to. We tithe because we have discovered that it is a great and creative adventure, and because its rewards are surprising, enriching, increasing, and unending.  Unity believes the the spiritual practice of tithing. As we share our income with others, we also generously receive.