The Board of Trustees voted to close the church until the "stay home" order by the governor is lifted, effective 3/6/2020.  This was not done out of fear, but more to help with containment efforts and keep our community safe. 

We are recording the speakers so that you’ll be able to listen to them online. The office will stay open during this time.

The board also spoke directly to Rev. Ron (the minister candidate who is scheduled to come out to audition on March 29th) and rescheduled his visit to the first weekend in May.

The board will be sending out messages each week via email and there will be some events offered via Zoom over the next few weeks along with other ways to keep us all connected during this time.

A special THANK YOU to those who are mailing in your tithes and support to ensure we can continue to pay our bills and keep things going!  You can also donate through our website at

  If you have any suggestions, concerns or you need prayer, please don’t hesitate to call, message or email the church.

Let us all affirm together that this virus has now completely dissipated and all is well!
In Search of: 

  Youth Leaders - two children's ministry teachers and two Uniteen teachers. Traning and Curriculum are supplied. Contact the office (509) 575-5551 or  a board member if you are interested.

       Paid Youth Attendant - 1 1/2 hours each Sunday.
    Call the office 509/575-5551 or send resume to  
    [email protected]

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