Unity Music Team     Practice - 9:15 a.m. Sundays

Music Director, Sylvia Holtman, invites you to join the  choir for practice every Sunday morning at 9:15 a.m.   Inspirational, fun and a great way to share in the joy of  Sunday morning  service - if you have a desire to sing or play an instrument, this is your opportunity!
UNITY Youth Ministry - on a break until Fall

   Silent Unity

Silent Unity provides a 
24-hour prayer line for
 person to person 
confidential prayer. It is a world-wide prayer ministry serving hundreds of thousands of people.  Silent Unity prayer help can be accessed by phone, internet, and email. 

You may contact Silent Unity with your prayer requests on the internet, 

 or by telephone: 816-969-2000. 
 Or write: 
 Silent Unity 
Unity Village, MO 64065
Experience A Meditation   HERE
Prayer for 
"The Light of God 
Surrounds Me,
The Love of God 
Enfolds Me,
The Power of God
 Protects Me, 
The Presence of God 
Watches Over Me.
Wherever I Am, 
God Is.
And All Is Well."

by Rev. James Dillet Freeman
Unity Minister & Poet

 Sunday Morning Worship  10:30 a.m. Sundays  

   Sunday morning  is filled with prayer,  music,  meditation  and lessons that assist us in our  relationships with ourselves, our family  members, co-workers and God.  
   Our Prayer Ministry provides guidance with their  prayer, meditations and talks about issues we all face each and every day.  After service there is always good coffee, treats and time for  fellowship.   Transforming lives through spiritual growth!
Sunday Mornings During Worship 

  We create a physically and spiritually safe environment to allow children to explore their own divinity and their relationship with God. 
 We use a curriculum called Children on the Quest based on Unity’s Five Basic Principles.

 With consistent and loving leadership, we are expanding and deepening our youth ministry, welcoming all children and teens into our community. 


Prayer Ministry Team

Dial-A-Blessing is a service that Unity Spiritual Life Center shares with the greater Yakima community. And it is a service that leaves the blesser with a peaceful, satisfied feeling. Volunteers  take one-week shifts to put the Dial-A-Blessing on the message machine. Skills needed include the ability to speak clearly and have a desire to be of service. One other requirement is a telephone. If you haven't heard Dial-A-Blessing, please call 426-4988 at least once.  Try it, you may like it! 

 If you are interested in joining the Prayer Ministry Team, please talk to Chris in the office.