Unity Youth Program 

A Positive Path for Spiritual Living
Unity Children's Program:
January and February
This year our children are going to be studying the teachings of Jesus.  Our curriculum will provide stories, experiences and activities that demonstrate Jesus' relationship with God.  These demonstrations and experiences are meant to assist the children in the growth of their own awareness of God's presence within them.  

1/6/19     The Boy in the Temple - Learning to respect one another.

1/20/19   Jesus and John the Baptist - Learning about "The Good                News!"

2/3/19     Jesus Calls the Disciples - "I choose to be..."

2/17/19   The Golden Rule - "We are One."

Uniteen Program:
January and February
Uniteens will be offered on the first Sunday of the month unless otherwise notified by Chaundra Ambrose.  To get on Chaundra's contact list please call our office and ask Chris Roybal to give you her contact information.  Upcoming Uniteen Sundays are currently as follows:

1/6/19    Uniteen Sunday 

2/3/19    Uniteen Sunday