Unity Youth Program 

A Positive Path for Spiritual Living
Unity Children's Program:
November and December
During the months of November and December we will be offering our Sunday School Program for our younger youth on the first and third Sundays of the month.  

11/4/18     When I make God a priority, things go well.

11/18/18   We set things into motion with a single thought!

12/2/18     Christmas Lesson Part 1

12/16/18   Christmas Lesson Part 2

Uniteen Program:
November and December
Uniteens will be offered on the first Sunday of the month unless otherwise notified by Chaundra Ambrose.  To get on Chaundra's contact list please call our office and ask Chris Roybal to give you her contact information.  Upcoming Uniteen Sundays are as follows:

11/4/18    Uniteen Sunday 

12/2/18    Uniteen Sunday