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April 7              Transforming Your Life                               Chaundra Ambrose

April 14            How Life in the Hospital Teaches Humility and Respect
                                                                                             Curt McFarland

April 21            A Unity Easter                                             Marilyn Freed

April 28            Clearing Clutter Out of Your Life                 Susan Erickson

March 3            Self Renewal                                                  Michael Moritz

March 10          Gratitude                                                        Dawn Fulton

March 17          Envisioning New Possibilities                        Marilyn Freed

March 24          Personality in Service to Others                    Melissa Garner

March 31          Why the Homeless and Housing System Matters
                                                                                                Lee Murdock

February 3         Assisting Nature                                            Leslie Smyer

February 10         CANCELLED  - NO SERVICE due to weather                                        
February 17       To Achieve with Horsepower!                        Jene Pleger

February 27       CANCELLED - NO SERVICE due to weather

January 6          Burning Bowl Ceremony                        Marilyn Holloway

January 13        The White Stone Ceremony                  Prayer Ministry

January 20         Our Unity Power of Release: Letting strong emotions go
                                                                                         Dawn Fulton

January 27        Our Unity Power of Release: Letting destructive thought 
                           patterns go                                            Dawn Fulton