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February 3         Assisting Nature                                            Leslie Smyer

February 10         CANCELLED  - NO SERVICE due to weather                                        
February 17       To Achieve with Horsepower!                        Jene Pleger

February 27       The Healing Power of Laughter and Play     Dot Bristow

January 6          Burning Bowl Ceremony                        Marilyn Holloway

January 13        The White Stone Ceremony                  Prayer Ministry

January 20         Our Unity Power of Release: Letting strong emotions go
                                                                                         Dawn Fulton

January 27        Our Unity Power of Release: Letting destructive thought 
                           patterns go                                            Dawn Fulton

December 2       Silence and Sound                                David Lynx

December  9     Connecting with the Christ Consciousness this 
                              Christmas                                                 Dawn Fulton

December 16     Joy is an Inside Job                              Juanita Beetchenow

December 23     Music Sunday                                       Music Team 
                               **not able to record

December 30    We're All In It Together                          Julian Pinkham

November 4        Life in Harmony: An Ayurvedic Fall and Winter
                                                                                         Jessica Houghton

November 11      Keep it Wild                                          Celisa Hopkins

November 18      A Funny Thing Happened on My Way to Disprove God
                                                                                          Dr. Saul Shaye

November 25     Divine Order                                          Marilyn Freed
                              ** not able to record

October 7     The Practice of the Spiritual Warrior          Rev. Denese Schellink

October 14   HawksHaven: A Model of Transformation        Rob Leaming

October 21   Setting Our Sails for Success                           Marilyn Freed

October 28   The Wonder Years                                           Cindee Hudson

September  2     Life University                                                Rev. Evin Wilkins

September  9     Pulled by a Vision, Focused on a Mission  
                                                                                           Rev. Denese Schellink

September 16   Transforming Our Lives Through Gratitude
                                                                                                       Marilyn Freed

September 23   MUSIC SUNDAY                                                   Music Team
                                         not able to record

September 30   Praying Up a Storm of Love                              Prayer Ministry