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October 7     The Practice of the Spiritual Warrior          Rev. Denese Schellink

October 14   HawksHaven: A Model of Transformation        Rob Leaming

October 21   Setting Our Sails for Success                           Marilyn Freed

October 28   The Wonder Years                                           Cindee Hudson

September  2     Life University                                                Rev. Evin Wilkins

September  9     Pulled by a Vision, Focused on a Mission  
                                                                                           Rev. Denese Schellink

September 16   Transforming Our Lives Through Gratitude
                                                                                                       Marilyn Freed

September 23   MUSIC SUNDAY                                                   Music Team
                                         not able to record

September 30   Praying Up a Storm of Love                              Prayer Ministry

August 5     Connect & Glow Meditation                                       Kate Moody

August 12   The One Thing in the Way of God            Rev. Denese Schellink
                     due to technical difficulties this service was not recorded

August 19  More Will Be Revealed; Finding Balance in Chaos  Marilyn Freed

August 26  The Day II Band - join us for a service of music, fun and worship!
                        ​due to technical difficulties this service was not recorded

July 1     Our Search for Wholeness                             Rev. Denese Schellink 

July 8     An Introduction to Ayurveda - The Science of Life
                                                                                              Jessica Houghton

July 15   A Close Look at The Five Principles                             Marilyn Freed

July 22   Where is Your Yellow Brick Road Taking You?             Matt Watrous

July 29   Know Thyself                                                                 Dawn Fulton

June 3     Making Room for Grace                                Rev. Denese Schellink

June 10   Serving God by Serving our Neighbors                            Mike Zink

June 17   Let Us Pray                                                                 Marilyn Freed

June 24   Adventures in Consciousness                                      Dawn Fulton

May 6        A Season of Change                                               Rev. Victoria Etchemendy

May 13    What is this Thing Called Love?                                               Patrick Graham
                     due to technical difficulties this service was not recorded

May 20    Can You Spare Some Change?                                                  Rob Leaming
                     due to technical difficulties this service was not recorded

May 27    Faith, Belief and Knowing                                                           Marilyn Freed