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​May 6        A Season of Change                               Rev. Victoria Etchemendy

May 13    What is this Thing Called Love?                               Patrick Graham
                     due to technical difficulties this service was not recorded

May 20    Can You Spare Some Change?                                   Rob Leaming
                     due to technical difficulties this service was not recorded

May 27    Faith, Belief and Knowing                                           Marilyn Freed

April 1         Foolish and Wise, Still We Rise                                              Rev. Cheryl

April 8         What Shall We Wear for Our Enlightenment?                        Rev. Cheryl

April 15       Frozen in Time or In the Flow                                                 Rev. Cheryl

April 22       Who Knew?!                                                                           Rev. Cheryl

April 28       Standing at the Edge of Infinity                                              Rev. Cheryl

March 4        God's Ever-Present Provision: Bridget & Hilda                       Rev. Cheryl

March 11      Navigating a Way to Forgiveness: Brendan & Columba         Rev. Cheryl

​March 18     Everything Belongs: Patrick                                                     Rev. Cheryl

​March 25     The Christian Bodhisattva                                               Marilyn Holloway

February 4     Super Is More than a Game                                                 Rev. Cheryl

February 11    The One Thing We Can Count On                                       Rev. Cheryl

February 18   Our Shelter in Stormy Times                                               Rev. Cheryl

​February 25    More of Spiritual Encounters in Hawaii                     Lucinda Cervantes

January 7    The White Stone Ceremony                            Rev. Cheryl

January 14    Discover Your Dream                                    Rev. Cheryl

January 21    Discover Your Invisible Power                      Rev. Cheryl

January 28    Mystery Guest Speaker!
David Lynx